Ed and Katy receive enthusiastic endorsement from the Newburyport Daily News



Heading into the final week of the campaign, our local candidates received an energetic boost as the Newburyport Daily News endorsed both Katy O’Connor Ives and Ed Cameron for their respective offices.

Citing her experience in being able to straddle  her district’s political middle ground, the editorial states that O’Connor Ives “has proven to be an effective legislator who has worked hard to meet the needs of her district.” The endorsement also credits her debate performance, where she “has proven to be the stronger and more knowledgeable candidate,” the paper said.

Newburyporter Ed Cameron’s endorsement acknowledge’s his “sensitivity to the problems of the working class and the poor that makes him a strong advocate,” and agrees with his assessment that being in the majority party “places him in good stead for advancement and gives him the best ability to . . .  provide a smooth transition from Mike Costello.”

Read the full endorsement by clicking here.