Iraq War Veteran Seeks 6th District Seat


Marblehead native Seth Moulton (center, wearing tie) speaks with Amesbury Democrats during an informal gathering at City Hall.

Amesbury Democrats met this weekend with Seth Moulton, a native of Marblehead who is seeking the Democratic nomination for Congress, representing the 6th District.

Moulton graduated from Harvard in 2001 and promptly joined the Marine Corps. The September 11 attacks occurred shortly thereafter, and Moulton soon found himself leading an infantry platoon into Baghdad as part of the first company of Marines to enter the city. Once established in the Iraqi capitol, Marine commanders tasked Moulton with helping to build an independent Iraqi media, and he was handed the reigns of the the national television airwaves.

Subsequent tours in Iraq included leading a platoon in the battle of Najaf, and working with then-Lieutenant General David Petraeus as liaison to Iraqi security forces and senior leaders near Baghdad. In all, Moulton served four tours within five years.

With no previous political experience, Moulton points to his military background as proof that he can be successful working in the tough congressional environment. He is quick to point out that Congress now has the fewest veteran members in its history, and that lack of military experience among members can lead to poor empathy and bad decisions regarding war policy and veterans issues.

Moulton’s primary motivation for running however is to help fix what he terms is “a broken Congress.” His goal is to find common ground with other members and move forward on issues that can build a better future.

For example, Moulton wants to help improve the VA medical system by finding a way for hospitals to cut through claims backlogs, and address quality care issues. Being a veteran who relies on the VA for his own healthcare, Moulton can address policy from a first-hand view.

Military experience isn’t the only factor informing Moulton’s views. Prior to announcing his campaign for Congress, he partnered in a start-up healthcare company working to tame obesity and diabetes. He shared a story about a world class physician who needed to immigrate in order to work for the company, but faced challenges while navigating the American immigration system.

The incident touches on immigration reform and challenges to small business, two areas where Moulton hopes to help break congressional gridlock.

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