Want to help Democrats win? Talk to your neighbors, senator says

State Sen. Brian Downing, chair of the Democratic Coordinated Campaign talks with candidate Seth Moulton

State Sen. Brian Downing, chair of the Democratic Coordinated Campaign talks with candidate Seth Moulton.

Our local Democratic candidates face stiff competition during this election cycle, and the state party is making great efforts to ensure a successful outcome.

Amesbury’s Democratic Committee is working closely with the state’s coordinated campaign committee, to ensure correct messaging reaches voters.

“During the primaries, the statewide democratic coordinated campaign concentrated its efforts on identifying Democrats that only vote in presidential years,” says State Sen. Ben Downing (D-Pittsfield). “We hoped to expand that universe of reliable voters.”

Were they successful? Through their efforts, the coordinated campaign identified and reached more than 30,000 of those voters, either with literature or phone calls.

Moving forward into the general election cycle, those efforts will turn to identfying un-enrolled and independent voters who favor statewide initiatives such as statewide early education, and earned sick time as proposed by Ballot Question 4. This includes a large block of female voters, as well as many male voters.

“Polls indicate significant support of those initiatives,” Downing said.

What can you do?
When it comes to local grassroots efforts, however, Downing encourages engaged voters to simply talk about the issues and candidates.

“Friends, family members, and neighbors hold the greatest sway when it comes to influence,” Downing says. “When you’re watching the Patriots beat up on another team, don’t be afraid to talk about candidates or issues during commercials or after the game.”

He also recommends volunteering to support candidates, either through phone banking, sign holding, or other events. These grassroots efforts provide great energy for campaigns, that can be matched with energy from this year’s strong slate of statewide candidates.